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Latest News

Great review of Beccy’s 2018 Muster performance with the Sisters Of Twang!     I think Beccy went on to do five new songs in a row! Five songs I had never heard other than in my ears as I took a walk around the Gympie camping grounds after I’d downloaded the album that morning, […]

Australian Country favourite, Beccy Cole, released her first single from her 2018 album ‘Lioness’ available from August 24

Talking ’bout Parachilna, Prairie Hotel Parachilna! the famous John Williamson song says it all and this will definitely be the place to be on October 6 for a very special one time only concert featuring mega-award winner Sara Storer, one of Beccy’s best mates! The kicker is that October 6 happens to be Sara Storer’s […]

Circle August 24 on your 2018 calendar, this will be the date you can get your hands on the brand new Beccy Cole album, ‘LIONESS!’ Beccy Cole’s latest album, ‘Lioness’ is nothing short of stunning. A collection of self-penned, personal and poignant songs perfectly displaying Beccy’s strength of character, huge heart and razor sharp wit. […]