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Newlyweds, Beccy Cole and Libby O’Donovan have announced plans to continue their very successful music and camping tour, Aussie Road Crew. So popular is this innovative idea, it seems that campers, caravaners and even the more upmarket motorhome owners simply cannot get enough!
Five successful tours have been and gone and we can report that there are many happy campers indeed! So far, the 2 week tours have wound their way through Queensland, South Australia, New South Wales and Tasmania, with the most recent, a return to the most popular of all, Queensland. The most recent Aussie Road Crew Tour carried a record 81 campers, all of whom enjoyed a full hot breakfast every morning – Beccy Cole herself, one of the BBQ chefs!
So what is Aussie Road Crew?
“Aussie Road Crew breathes new life into camping holidays with the innovative idea of hosted self-drive, semi-catered tours featuring recording artists providing
entertainment along the way. The tours take the campers to a new and exciting part of the country every two days where you set up camp as a group and the fun
begins.” Aussie Road Crew is the brainchild of Australian singer, Beccy Cole. After having hosted many overseas tours where Australians took in the sites of Greece, Italy, Turkey, Africa, USA and many other locations before being entertained by Beccy. On buses in the USA, on cruise ships in the Eastern Mediterranean and around campfires in Africa, Beccy has been the performer who brings music and joy to these travelling Aussies. Whilst strumming the guitar and singing songs with Libby O’Donovan after a day of lion and elephant spotting in South Africa, Beccy wondered why she wasn’t musical hosting in her own beautiful
country. Add to this desire, her love of camping and getting back to basics and here, Aussie Road Crew was born.
Aussie Road Crew’s maiden voyage was the ‘Mountains to Mulga’ tour of Queensland in May 2017. Starting in the beautiful country of the McPherson Range
and stopping to camp at some wonderfully exquisite campgrounds on the way to the outback. Live music was played every night by Beccy Cole and many other
artists. Magic was made, friendships were forged and Beccy’s dream of getting back to basics came true.

“There is simply nothing like sitting
around a campfire with a group of people as
an Aussie entertainer tells their stories and
sings their songs” – Beccy Cole.
Our first ‘Roadies’ left the tour absolutely raving about their experience and most of
them have rebooked on future tours.
Our 2017 SA Vines, Outback and Gulf Loop was a corker!. We pushed our capacity to the limit with close to 40 vehicles and over 70 Roadies. From the
beautiful wine country of the Barossa to the breath-taking gorges of the Flinders Ranges and ending among the finest oysters in the
world at Mount Dutton Bay near beautiful Coffin Bay. Roadies enjoyed fishing trips, steam train rides and 4WD adventures mixed into their musical journey.
If we told you how many hours are put into making each trip a reality, you might not believe us! The Aussie Road Crew team work incredibly hard to create this unique experience and the precious moments around the campfire where music, likeminded
people and the perfect Aussie location collide makes it all worth it! Every now and then you’ll be reminded to look
up at the night sky, stay like that for a whole song – that’s free druggin’!

Aussie Road Crew QLD 2019 is on sale now. Look out for our other 2019 tours, soon to be on sale

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