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August Catch up

Aug 11, 2014 11:06 pm

Why is it that I find it hard to resist starting a Blog with ‘Goodness me, hasn’t this year gone quickly…?’
I believe that the months of 2014 have gone by at a similar pace to the months contained in previous years so I will find a different way to start.
It’s been cold hasn’t it? Why do we always talk about how cold it is in winter? It’s winter, of course it’s cold. I’m actually hot right now. I changed my wood delivery and this load seems to burn hotter, is that even possible? Sometimes it’s so hot in here that I have to open a window and take my slippers off.
Well, that’s about all I have to report for this month – oh, other than I recorded a film clip with a fabulous female singer the other day, I’m looking forward to its release. The song will be the first single from an album that will be released in the next month or so. I’m supposing that’s all I can say about that seeing as though there hasn’t been an announcement about the project as yet.
Apart from the new album, the usually paced year and the cold/hot temperature, that’s it. Oh, other than I have just finished draft number one of my first book. It’s possibly my last book, certainly the last I’ll write on this particular subject. The book, likely to be called ‘Poster Girl,’ is a memoir – which is French for ‘autobiography,’ I don’t speak much French. I do kiss in French.
Writing your own life story is harder than I imagined, there is so much I have forgotten because of all the drugs.
I’ve never actually taken any drugs, I just wondered what that would look like. Would I seem more ‘Rock Star Cool’ if I’d forgotten half of my life due to drugs? No.
That’s not to say that my book doesn’t have a bunch of stuff that people wouldn’t expect. I may not have done too many illegal things but I have done some crazy things… and people. Ultimately, it’s the story of a little girl who got to live her dream – and all the shit that happened along the way.
I love reading biographies and I have noticed that the ones I like the best were written entirely by the subject in question, not necessarily by a ghost writer or using someone else’s words. For this reason, I decided to write the book myself. And of this decision I’ll say ‘Goodness me, that’s a big job, isn’t it?’ I’ll let you know as soon as there is a release date, that’s if you like this sort of thing of course. It’s not for the faint hearted. Or the homophobic.
That’s all I have to report for now, other than we’re SO looking forward to the very big ‘Woodstock’ style Gympie Muster at the end of August. My first Gympie was 1993 so I suppose it’s my 21st anniversary – and it NEVER gets old.
We’re also heading off on a couple of cruises in the next few months – the Eastern Mediterranean, taking in Rome, Greece, Turkey, Italy and more – I love music and I love travel. I plan to help give my fellow travellers the trip of a lifetime (it’s not too late if you wish to join us)…
October brings ‘Cruising Country 4′ – my 3rd time on this wonderful trip, I’m looking forward to catching up and cruising with a couple of thousand of my closest friends.
OK, so that’s all I have to report. Oh, other than I’ll be touring with Kenny Rogers again next Feb – can’t wait for that one.
Right, that’s all the news. Oh, apart from the OLIVIA cruise! WITH Olivia. Really! The Olivia cruises are world famous all female ship adventures – they’re wonderful and I’ve read ALL about them. I had so many fans write and tell me to pitch my show for Olivia and I was thinking I should get around to it when the booking came in through my agent. Thrilling, we can’t wait. I’m taking an all girl band – not because I am sexist, I LOVE the fellas in my band, but I think the girls would be more comfortable with a female line up. I don’t feel too bad, it’s been 22 years of very blokey tours and trips, this’ll be a hoot! I’ll enjoy the performances from Olivia Newton John and Ruby Rose as well.

Righto, that’s all I have to report. Oh, other than the Adelaide Cabaret Festival reviews on our June show (myself and Libby O’Donovan),’The Cowgirl and The Showgirl’ were fabulous and people either stood up to clap so they could leave quickly, or we actually got a standing ovation, not sure! Barry Humphries came to our opening night and said lovely things about our opening. It’s been a while since anyone said anything nice about my opening.
We’re planning on more Cowgirl/Showgirl ventures again soon – including NSW ‘Lizottes’ Dee Why, Newcastle and Kincumber in November.

Ok, well that’s my Blog for now. Sorry I didn’t have anything much to report. Hope it’s not too cold where you are.

B x
PS I like One Direction. There, I said it.

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