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Jul 31, 2012 02:39 pm

Just a quick catch up as I really just want to say a big thank you for all the amazing support I’ve received over the past week.
I have to say, I was shaking in my boots but the positive feedback, the incredible stories sent to me by others and the lighter feeling around my shoulders have certainly made it all worthwhile.
I appreciate the time that many have taken to write to me and I’m trying very hard to get back to everyone, doing my best!
The plan was to get out and get on with it and I have every intention of doing just that. Some have wondered why I felt the need to share such a personal side of myself publicly, I addressed this on my FB page but I will just add that after hearing the heart wrenching stories from many in areas of regional Australia, I am more than satisfied that sharing my story was the right thing to do.
Enough said

I can’t wait to head to Karratha this weekend with my beautiful Songbird friends Gina Jeffreys and Sara Storer, I’m preparing for great music and lots of laughter! I haven’t seen Sara since I attended the wedding of her and dreamy Darwin Dave so we have much to catch up on.
Gympie is just around the corner too, I’ll be closing the Friday night concert heading on stage just after Kasey and Shane (bet you can’t guess who my special duet guest is…??)
My fingers are crossed that I can stay for the weekend and raise a glass as Kenny Rogers sings ‘The Gambler’ on Sunday!

Following Gympie, we head to Adelaide with Kenny for a big show at the Entertainment Centre. I can’t tell you how excited I am, this is a venue that I saw many amazing international touring artists as a kid. To be returning with Kenny Rogers is a thrill to say the least.
The band and I will stay in SA for a couple of days for scones with Grandma but also to play at Woodstock Winery in McLaren Vale (FridayAug 31) and Sat at Vine Inn at Nuriootpa, The Barossa – Actually I don’t mind a glass of wine :)

See you out there, thanks again for keeping me warm this week

Beccy x


  1. Hi There,

    Would just like to say congrats in coming out, I am 39 and had the courage to come out in 07′. I have 2 gorgeous kids that I will never regret having been with their father.

    You should come to Shepparton in November, having our first Pride event ever. Would love to see you perform there…..

    Anyway, don’t listen to all the negative stuff, the positive out weighs it hands down
    Vicki xx

  2. Beccy you are an amazing young woman and have done so much for the respect and recognition of young Australians everywhere. It was a brave and courageous thing you did and I’m glad that you were supported so warmly. I hope this tolerance and acceptance extends to all young people whereever they live, whoever they choose to be. Can’t wait to see you live again – wish I was in Karratha for the songbirds.

  3. hey beccy
    congrats on everything just wondering if you are ever going to tour bega or merimbula on the far south coast of nsw we would love to see you here :)
    thanks Astrid xxxooo

  4. just you keep smiling beccy and the world will be a much better place as you light up my world see you in gero soon i hope

  5. Hi Beccy, all the best with the upcoming gigs….I’m sure you along with everyone in the audience will have a great time and I’m sure share a glass of bubbly or two haha :)

  6. Just keep doing what your doing Beccy. You are a fantastic singer/performer. Please bring the songbirds 2 Newcastle.

  7. Hi Beccy, it,s great to talk to you, your story was good and very honest, alas I was booked to go on Cruisincountry nov 2012,with all you good guy,s but got a nasty sicky and unable to go, I was so looking forward to some ME time ,I wish you and co the best cruise ever , regards Fran. xx

  8. Good onya Coley….opening your heart with honesty and good intent will never do you wrong even when others don’t see the purity of that action. If people are not ready to hear our truth, then all we can do is be tolerant and hope one day they will reciprocate! Gympie muster this year will go off for sure!! You don’t know me but I promise if I manage to track you down sometime over the weekend I will buy you a dink or six. Its the least I can do for all the joy and support your music and shows have given me for well over 10 years.

  9. Good on you. You are one beautiful human being. Thank you for being who you are and all you give to us all. I am a huge fan. Enjoy your life. Well deserved

  10. You know what? I’m so very happy you have come out publicly Beccy, I truly am!! I’m 30, married and have 2 amazingly awesome and funny young boys. We live in rural QLD and when the time comes that my boys grow up I so badly want them to be comfortable in their own skin and have the easiest and smoothest transition possible.
    I’m sure that you already understand that your reach is far and wide, and if in some tiny way your bravery and openness now paves the way for not just country kids but people of all ages and situations, then you should definitely know about it and be proud.
    I’m so very happy for you and your family

  11. Must say im a little shattered with last weeks news. All dreams of me being your prince charming and living happily ever after are squashed!!

  12. Your awesome person and is great role model for people to be proud of who they are.

  13. You will always be my ‘Poster Girl’. More power to you Beccy. Your son is a very lucky young man to have such a wonderful and loving role model guiding and supporting his future. Guess my dreams of being the next ‘Lazy bones’ in your life have now been dashed. :-) Hoping to be able to drive up from Adelaide to Nuri to see the show. Gary.

  14. Thank god another women that’s found the light. LOL
    Welcome to this wondrous adventure into loving women. Nothing on earth like it.

  15. Elo Beccy,
    You are a very talented & incredible lady – well done on what you have spoken about – just want to no when are you going to come to Tassie & let us here you sing in person ???? take care on your travels …

  16. Hi Beccy, Was wonderful to see you honesty on Australian Story. My daughter came out to me at 14. I am so happy that we have had such an honest and open relationship. I love her with all my heart and support her 1000% as I do anyone that is gay. By you comming out is hopefully going to make it better for the young ones to realize that it is acceptable to be gay….
    Thankyou..You are an AMAZING person and FANTASTIC entertainer.. Love ya girl….xx

  17. Caught up with you recently in Bris. Missed Australia Story because we were in Africa but it taped OK. Just wanted to say… Very couragous decision but a good one… We know from experience that the old saying better OUT than IN also applies here… We love ya lots…You go Girl!!

  18. I had to re watch your Here You Come Again music clip…Had a sneaking suspicion I’ve seen Miss Shagwell recently…Does anyone else notice Miss Shagwell’s uncanny resemblance to Sarah (Amazing Race Australia 2012) Hunners anyone : P

    Bec I love how you remain genuine to the core, your honest Australian humour, and the gratitude you always show. I believe in you, please never stop believing in yourself : )

    I’m soooo proud to be Australian, sending you much love & loyalty : )

    Jules xo

  19. Way to go Beccy! I am sure your honesty will continue to have far reaching influence throughtout regional and rural Australia – you will have made it easier for some other guy or girl who wants to be honest about who they really are. And don’t feeel silly about not knowing until you were 27; I was 37 before I met a girl who gave me cause to pause and then everything just seemed to make sense. Bit like the the Johny Nash song “I Can See Clearly Now”. All the best for the future

  20. Fantastic appearance on Australian Story. Your music is incredible and you’re a wonderful artist with such talent, charisma and virtue.

    You have certainly won a new fan here, and I look forward to sharing some of your tunes and telling my mates what a great artist you are.

    Hope to catch one of your performances, they look great!

  21. Hi Beccy,

    It’s wonderful that you are comfortable with yourself, and that times have changed for people to be themselves. As a recent convert to country music I have enjoyed your wonderful voice and lyrics, especially the performances you give on stage. Sorry I missed your Wagga show.
    Remember always be true to yourself! All the best for the future.

  22. Hi Beccy, I just want you to know that regardless of your preferences I still LOVE you and everything that you do…. I remember back in 1990 / 91 i used to watch you and your mum (carol sturtzel) band at the Hilton on South Rd, Thebarton…. and have LOVED and ADMIRED you since the very first time i saw and heard you sing… My most favourite at that time was Coat of Many Colours….i would very much love to meet you some day, hey here’s a thought……i’m having a dinner on the 17th of Nov 12 for my birthday at a club where they do Rock n Roll, and it would be soooooo awesome to have you come and sing and of course enjoy a glass of wine (my shout,,,,hehe). Oh well one can only dream lol
    Thanx for all that you do and have done…. Love you forever and keep up the good work
    Jacqui T xoxoxoxo <3 <3 <3

  23. Beccy you are an amazing beautiful and very talented woman. I fell in love with my best friend 8yrs ago it took awhile but i finally got the courage up to tell her and im happy to say we are still madly in love. I have a 15yr old boy and my partner has 2 adult children and now 2 beautiful grandsons who all love and accept us. Stay true to yourself and dont let anyone or anything bring you down. Hoping to see you in tamworth in jan 2013.

  24. Beccy,you are an amazing person. You are who you are and be proud of it.
    I am so proud of you. Luv you heaps, always will. Christine

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