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Blogitty Blog Blog #1

Jul 17, 2012 09:18 pm

I finally have a moment to catch my breath so I thought I’d grab a coffee and say hi :)

I’ve just returned from 3 weeks on the road, a tour that took us from Albury, NSW all the way up to Cairns in QLD, with a trip to the snow with the Boy Wonder in between. I could never call myself a snow bunny – come to think of it, does one ever refer to one’s self as a snow bunny? Do bunnies actually ski? Where did the term come from? Shall I ask another rhetorical question?
The snow was fab, my son was a natural on the snowboard and I remembered the old snow plough from the year 9 ski trip. Aaand I thoroughly recommend the Barrakee ski lodge in Perisher Valley (who didn’t pay me to do so:)

Touring with my band is much like a series of family road trips. I certainly adore them like family. Sean Rudd, Duncan Toombs and Lyn Bowtell make me smile and LAUGH so much, and they are all so very clever. And we sound good thanks to Damon Morton… We have also been lucky enough to have had some guests join us along the way this year; Catherine Britt, Peter Cooper (who plays guitar and is building me a kitchen), Ali Foster, Bec Buchanan, Karen Sierp and Ben Elliot to name a few. Blessed am I. Crowds have been great too, live music is alive and kicking. Thanks to those of you who have come out.

Speaking of, there’s an ep of Australian Story coming on the telly next Monday dedicated to learning a little more about Beccy Cole. I can only imagine what was said in interviews with the likes of Kasey Chambers, Gina Jeffreys, Angry Anderson, Mumbo, Boy wonder and – O’OH, the EX HUSBAND!! I certainly hope people find this glimpse into my world interesting. I absolutely love my job and consider myself very blessed to be living out my childhood dream (do forgive my corn). Everyone’s got a tale to tell and sometimes there’s more to the story than what you see, feels about the right time to be telling mine :) Check it out July 23rd on ABC 8pm.

Looking forward to a rest before hitting the road again – who’s coming to Gympie? I can’t wait :)

Beccy x


  1. love your blog, hope i remember to watch that story, hope your on somewhere soon so i can get to see you, love ya bec from the old girl xxx

  2. I love all your songs Beccy and I have been to a few of your shows with the wonderful Adam Harvey… You are great and your son is the spitting image of you. I hope you are singing for many many more years to come. All the best and enjoy your coffee. You deserve a break…..Heather.xx

  3. Yr 9 Ski trip hey, think I missed that one. You have come such a long way Beccy & have done everything I remember you saying you wanted to do. Love the Blog & you bet I’ll be watching on Monday night.
    All the best xx

  4. I think one day we could see a booumek coming on you did very well and i can not wait till Saturday so i can bye your first album i just love that song i need a better man xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  5. Loved the blog thanks for the heads up on Australian story on you have set the iq box to record so I don’t forget. Love following u on face book, the places you go and they things you do you certainly led a great life on the road. Sandy

  6. hi beccy, was great catching up with u again at batesman bay. was sorry i didn’t get to see u again all the way up the east coast. missed u by a few days here and there. though i had it made for townsville, but missed by a day. then on to cairns, well had a car brake down and missed u by a day again. well i suppose it wasn’t ment to be. but i will keep my eyes open to find out where u will be on the next tour. i am still in cairns and head out from here at the end of the month to head west then up to darwin. love your work, keep it up. love gypsy nomad

  7. Courageous girl – love your work and From my own experience I know that you’ll be so glad for being able to just be you. You’re gorgeous and your beautiful boy is such a fortunate lad to have you as his mum. Can’t wait to see YOU on Australian Story xx

  8. Love your new blog, good job and look forward to more. Look forward to seeing Australian Story.

  9. Great to hear people flocked to see Australia’s premier entertainer – bar none… Can’t wait to watch Australian Story next week. Thanks for the chat. See you in the spring, Bec

  10. Love your blog, love your music. Look forward to watching ABC, Australian Story.

  11. hi beccy great to read your blog
    .does it look like you will be coming back to geraldton any time soon i love hearing of your tours and your son is certainly georgous he has his mothers smile.your music makes me laugh and happy love you beccy see you in gero

  12. Cool , thanks for the catch up and look forward to watching Australian Story !! Off to put reminder in phone now . Take it easy xx

  13. Cool blog great to see what you have been up to…..looking forward to the Australian Story on Monday night. Sooo enjoyed the night in Albury great entertainment as usual and the two lovely ladies you had performing with you were really good too, I loved the stalker comment on my signed C.D cover….. I look forward to seeing you in Castlemaine in November keep up the great work….

  14. Hey Beccy, love the blog! Looking forward to hearing more of your story on Monday night :-) Have been loving your music since Dead Ringer days, and really loved your show at Albury, but I do think you need to come back this way before Castlemaine in November because I can’t wait that long! :-) x

  15. BECCY COLE I just “discovered ” you after saw ya on Nu Country Music CH 31 tho i was at TAMWORTH 2011 & may have “seen you from afar”, bought your album & playing it all over the house & car & love it and your wide smile…telling everyone tabout it ,hope to see you in Melbourne in November? apparently you’ve been to WARRNAMBOOL VIC my homie town, they know you. Im a devoted new fan (NOT a stalker) and you even like KARISE E , wotta talent. All the best

  16. Can’t wait ’til Monday night. Just left ourselves a note on the notice board

  17. Shut up and sing….

    We took our girls to your show in Brissy, and my 11 yr old now has your pics and paraphernalia all over her room. Thank you for a brilliant and so very entertaining show and for a fun experience for our family… and for supporting our troops xxx

  18. I LOVE everything that you do. I first saw you when you were introducing us to Adam Harvey @ Mittagong RSL. I had all of your CDs but burnt a house down. “no more CDs” I will start again, as you did. Looking forward to your story to date and the future. Much love.xxx

  19. Thank you my friend. If your road trip was like most family road trips, just wondering who had the most dummy spits?

  20. I saw you in Warwick on this tour and in Toowoomba last November. Just love you on stage Bec you come alive with the audience. Lyn Bowtell is a great talent to have with you also and I can see you are good friends off stage by the way you are together on stage. Keep singing !!!!!!! Maggie x

  21. Looking forward to seeing you on Australian Story on Monday night, have been to many of your concerts and always have a great evening of wonderful entertainment, and we are still reminiscing about the great time we had on Cruisin Country when we were so thrilled to share our dining table with you. Thanks once again Beccy for all your great music.

  22. Sounds like you have been having many adventures. I wish I had been able to make it to the Northern end of your tour but I had to head back to station life. I hope you head North again soon. Keep up the great work and I can’t wait to see what you come up with next.

  23. Love your blog, thank Beccy. Ricky is certainly growing up and looks a lot like his mum. Diarising phone for program on 23rd. Cheers Irene & Don

  24. Good on ya Bec. Looking forward to seeing your show at the Vine Inn – Nurioopta in Sept ( I think ). First came across you on Rockwiz performing ‘Good year for the roses’ with Mark Lizotte – brilliant performance from both of you ( and the Rockwiz boys ).I re-visit the vid often. You dont have it in your current set list I suppose ?

  25. I saw you at Yarram, Victoria on this tour (and also at Doveton to collect some sigbed CDs the morning after your Hallam show…thanks again for that). It was a fantastic show and well worth the 5 hour round trip (I live in Dandenong), avoiding kangaroos on the drive home. I will definetely be setting the IQ for next weeks show. Thanks again for the music and the laughter Beccy. Cheers

  26. hey beccy, love your blog, your music and of course you as a person :) looking forward to catching australian story tonight, and im sure that those interviewed will have nothing but good stuff to say about you, you are a real darling…all the best :)

  27. You Go Girl!!! love you and love your work…Time to head back to Tassie don’t you think?? Please xoxo

  28. Beccy being true to ur self is the most powerful & yet most frightening thing u can do… Congratulations… Big hugs…. Smile, hold ur head high… We love ya….xxxxx

  29. Just watched aust story, so good to see u be true to yourself beccy well done honesty to oneself is a wonderful thing so simple !

  30. Just watched Aust Story. What an inspiration you are!
    Being a mum of 2 gorgeous girls battling my own
    World of wondering if there’s someone out there
    Who’ll “fit” into my life, you have given me hope, strength and
    Faith to try and look on the bright side and believe that it will come. Like you
    I truly hope someone will arrive in our lives and embrace us all completely.
    Thank you….its refreshing to know there are some lovely, understanding women out there. X

  31. As a secondary school teacher my heart bleeds for young teenagers suffering at the hands of homophobia. Beccy Cole you have to know that you and the ABC have done more for gay rights in 30 minutes, than could be achieved in a decade of parliamentary debate on the subject. We of heterosexual persuasion are embarrassed and completely over a debate on gay marriage which should never have gained traction in the first place. It is simply a human rights issue, and in Australia, the coveted ‘fair go’ is a fair go for all. We wish and hope that the minority of fearers and haters can wake up and realise the nature and cause of their phobia. You as a brave,dignified woman, and talented musician have done much to engender this process. Congratulations.
    Cheers Kerrie

  32. Hi
    Just watched Australain Story. Congratulations, and whether you same attracted or not immaterial, you have talent and deserve the right to be who you are. I am not really a country music fan, but have heard some of your music along with some of contempories and enjoyed them, Poster Girl though is standout to my mind.

    Congratulations and if they don’t like you being same sex attracted, who gives a rats about them. YOU GO Girl.


  33. OOPs forgot to say what an evolved mature young man your son is, both his parents should be so proud of him.

  34. Just watched Australian Story ~ BRILLIANT. Have been a fan for quite a number of years. Saw you at South Morang and mentioned how your music moved me cos our lives seemed to run on parallel lines. Life is not about boy/girl, girl/girl, boy/boy, it is about relationships, and that is what your songs are to me. Although I am not gay, I have a daughter who ‘came out’ a few years ago, so, good on you for being true to yourself! How lucky are you to have such fantastic friends such as Gina and Casey (another fav of mine) and you deserve to be surrounded by so much love. And how proud you must be of your son. So, thank you for your honesty, your openess, your faboulous talent, your humour and for keeping live music alive! Cheers xxxxx

  35. The Australian Story was excellent, couldn’t have imagined a better way for you to show everyone fan or not who you really are! I dare say you just gained a whole bunch more fans too! You’ll find the right gal someday! We all will xx congrats!

  36. Hey Beccy, have just watched you on Australian Story, you are such a wonderfully honest, warm, witty, caring person, your son is so lucky have have you as his Mum. Love your music, can’t wait to see you in concert one day.

    Wishing you all the very best and every happiness!


  37. Hi Beccy,
    I’m a cousin of yours, not sure how !!
    Love your music.
    Out and proud as well.

  38. hi there beccy, i just finished watching Australian Story… i don’t have twitter, so this blog message is the next best thing i can do to write to you!
    wow! as soon as the show finished i had an over-whelming need to write you a message, but what to say… all i can say is “go girl” and thank you for coming out in such a public way on national tv. the interview conveyed your honesty and self-pride, it is an inspirational story; and your story will provide strength to others who have not yet come out to their family and friends, so they too can live without secrets. thank you for your strength, and for making a difference, kind regards – anne
    ps. i have always loved you music!

  39. Watched Australian Story tonight, and just wanted to say you are amazing. Wishing you a happy life and much happiness with your gorgeous son xx

  40. This is what I love about aussie country music and the people involved – they’re so genuine and accessible to their fans… Thank you for sharing your story with us Beccy, I’m so happy for you that you feel free to be yourself now – and your amazing boy is a credit to you & mick. See you when you’re back this way in Novmeber! x

  41. Well done to you on Oz Story tonight. Makes no difference to your music- you should be able to be yourself. Good on you! Also please come to Perth again soon- my husband and I saw you before Kenny Rogers and you were way better than him! Seriously. Anyway, come back and tell the story of you in the toilet with the old woman repeatedly saying your name- funniest story ever! Good luck. Beck x

  42. I saw tonight’s Australian Story. Been a fan a long time especially Poster Girl! Gay? If anyone is turned off by that, that is their problem. You were well complimented by the other two Songbirds. See you hopefully in Tamworth next festival. Cheers

  43. Watched Australian Story tonight and you were fantastic, a great interview with lots of wonderful friends. Hope to catch up again soon at one of your shows. Your son is a lovely young man who obviously loves his Mum very much.

  44. Congratulations Beccy and Australian story, a class show. Beccy,I saw you for the first time in Caboulture and was blown away. You are a fantastic entertainer, obviously loving what you do and who you are. Can’t wait to see you again. Thank you. x

  45. Hi Bec, can’t say I’m thrilled by the prospect of you ‘residing’ on the ~Island~ rather than just ‘sojourning’ … “there goes my final illusion” to paraphrase Dallas Frazier; anyway them’s the breaks – just want to let you know I’m a bigger fan than ever after last night’s Australian story … that glimpse of a duo with Kasey on an old ‘high-lonesome’ country classic was just sublime – more of the same with Kasey please!

    Ciao, & don’t change a thing! Joe

  46. Hi Beccy missed your story last nite. I had a feeling that one day you would come out and tell the world you were GAY. I rember when your mum and yourself use to play at the Hilton Hotel on South RD and the Duke of York in town they were the good old days I hope you fine Happeness along the way and your son two all the Best Bec & Good Luck XX P.S You will always be specail to me xx

  47. Welcome to the rainbow family Ms Cole. Watched ya life’s journey on Australian Story nothing need be said other than it was damn good and funny. A credit to you for raising a fine young man. Love what you do for Australian Country Music!!!!!

  48. Hey Beccy….have become a fan because of your bravery and honesty, well done! Nothing but light and love to you and continued success on your journey. Bravo!!!!!!! xoxoxo

  49. Saw you on Australian story thought you were great, I’ve follwed your music for many years now and still think your fantastic.
    Hope to see you soon in Queensland at the Gympie muster!

  50. Beccy you rock. Bugger, I see you have been to Cairns recently, we must have been OS. I for one will keep buying your music, you are still the best singer and entertainer, even after I saw Australian Story. Love Sue

  51. You are even more of a legend than I thought you were girl you rock! It takes guts to come out at all but to do it coming from where you are that’s guts. I came out when I was sixteen and have been following you ever since 1994. Love ya work keep it up. Lots of us gay people think Country is cool.Lotsa love Lee xxx

  52. ‘coming out’ for me was bloody scary, so can’t imagine the anguish you went through! Congratulations! Love your music…come back to warwick, qld soon. :-)

  53. Fantastic Beccy! Loved the Australian Story and I thought the interviews were wonderful and insightful, with all your fabulous friends! I have a son who is also gay and he has found a lovely partner so I wish that for you as well!

    Haven’t been to your show but would love to next time you are in my area! Your son is a gem as well! What a lovely man he will become!

  54. hi Bec,how are u?i saw you on the australia story u were really good on there and i am very big fan of yours bec you are very good entertainer n a great singer i got all your cds and bec i wish u would come to grenfell nsw 2810 to do a gig that would be very good if u could it would be very good for our town i love u bec. love sharon Terry and our little boy Alexanderxxxx

  55. Hi, Becky, Congrats on YOUR Australian Story.
    It’s strange, but I knew what you were going to say right from the opening scene. And I started smiling – for you. I bet you feel 10kilos lighter – as if a large weight has been lifted off your shoulders. I had to wait longer than you and I’m alone now, but I don’t regret my decision to be ME. Love to show you around when you come to Canberra. Hugs

  56. I saw Australian Story and you GO GIRL. I am not into country music but I think I will give it a go.
    I think it is a shame that we can’t just be who we are without the thought of judgement.
    You have achieved so much in your life, I hope you are proud of that, your son certainly is :)
    Maybe one day I will be as brave as you. Wishing you every happiness.
    And for those that judge, what great songs they will be missing.

  57. Hi Beccy,
    Congratulations on the Australian Story, which you were in.

    I have loved you and your music for ages, seen you in Tamworth and with Adam Harvey when you two were doing the Johnny & June Cash shows. I always enjoy your music and love your sense of humour.

    Who gives a “Rats” if you are Lesbian, as it doesn’t affect your professionalism etc.

    Ricky is a young man to be very proud of, of and so mature; a true credit to you. What wonderful friends you have in Gina and Kasey;

    Your life is blessed Beccy, and I wish you much happiness in the years to come.

    Looking forward to seeing you in Tamworth again next year……you will be there won’t you???

    Bye for now, and please excuse any mistakes as I don’t have my glasses on. Talking about not wearong glasses wehn on public forums, FB & Blogs etc. Here is a funny for you…I as posting a Status Update to my FB page and did not check the spelling of country…. I will leave it to your imagination as to how the first part of country was spelt when my Post landed on FB……:> Freaked out when I saw it land, thought I took it down quick smart, but, not fast enough…..some of my friends saw it and cracked up laughing!!!!!

    On that note, I really will say Bye and good luck, lovely lady. mwah, mwah.


  58. just managed to watch Australian story. I have always had a private “thing” for you and now you’re playing for our team !!!! I cried thru the programme and am so proud to have you as a sister. Hope you find the love of your life. You go grrrl from a sister in St Marys below Blackwood

  59. As a sister, I find your bravery inspiring for coming out, I watched the program, was very impressed.
    Your music touches a lot of people, especially “poster girl”, your lad is very strong, well mannered you have done well :)
    Go girlfriend :)

  60. How amazing was that Australian Story! I’m officially converted. Not to being gay, that happened a long time ago, but to country music! You are a fabulous role model for young people – especially those in rural Australia where there’s often little support for people who are “different”. I’ve never been to a country music gig but when you’re performing anywhere near Brisbane I’ll buy the first ticket. And if you bring Casey Chambers too your harmonies will bring the house down! You are a terrific performer with a beautiful outlook on life.

  61. I woke my girlfriend telling her it was over as you had come out…she is still giggling! Love your music & shows amongst other things…Best of luck meeting your next bad woman lol…I can always be available – she’s giggling again!!! Love ya Beccy

  62. G’day Beccy,

    I saw Australian story, heard your words and felt the emotion.
    A wise man once said “there is a great strength in simply being oneself, often lost in the rush to be something we are not”
    Glad you are able to just be you :-)

    I had honestly not heard any of your music before that night, but once I heard of your passion for our diggers I realised I was missing something special.

    You may have lost a fan, maybe one who’s vision is just a little clouded at the moment, but you’ve found a new one.

    Good on Ya Beccy, you’re a fair dinkum Aussie Girl, and in my book more than just a Poster Girl :-)

  63. What a great story you told. Admire you for knowing who you are. Hope you find true love. You have an amazing Boy. #livelifewell xxx

  64. Hi Beccy

    Just watched Australian Story…I’m ashamed to say that I haven’t listened to your music before, but that’s gonna change!! Wow, what a songwriter, what a talented artist, what a wonderful human being!! Was particularly impressed by the women around you – Kasey, Gina and your mum, how gorgeous – there’s nothing that makes me more proud than when the community of women get it right!

    I’m sure you have gained many more fans who will not judge you for being you, but for the joy and compassion that your bring to humanity.

    Wishing you and yours well.

    PS any wonder Kasey hangs out with you, you’re a pissa!

  65. Hi Beccy, just like to say I’m a fairly new fan as I first heard you when Poster Girl came out . I’m ex amry and that song had a tear in my eye. Watched Australian story and gay or not you are a brillant entertainer. Keep up the great work.

  66. Beccy, my husband and I have just watched your Australian Story. You are truly an inpirational woman. Your friends are family obviously love you dearly. We hope you find the love and happiness in your life you so richly deserve.
    P.S. I am ashamed to say I have never listened to your music, however, I am heading to iTunes now to download me some!

  67. I have always loved your happy, bouncy, In-love-with-life personality on stage and now I know that it carries over from being a person without pretence. I have never thought about your sexuality and it is none of my business and your frankness during The Australian Story sends the message that it is no one else’s business either. I became a fan at a Gympie Muster a few years ago when your Friday night concert was washed out, you spent the rest of the weekend jumping onto the stage when any of your friends were on, so funny and bright. It was your personality that reached out to everyone. Just keep on being true to yourself and the rest will take care of itself. Love your songs, Denise

  68. Just seen Aus story devestated but still a big fan never new much about you until saw you performe at Bogan day out ( yer I am a bogan ).How good is it to have such great friends Cassie and co .you are blessed and what a great young man your son is you have got to be proud.Aus proud of you what ever side of the fence you are on ( if you decide to jump back over give me a yell LOL.) Big fan keep up the great work we love you Beck.

  69. I love your music, and stoked that you are gay. I to was married have 2 children, was in a 2 1/2 year relationship with a women. We are the same age, attractive and should hook up.

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