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My New Blog!

Jun 19, 2012 08:56 pm

This is my new blogging place……


  1. thanks for the awesome show last night in townsville song poster girl still best song still brings tears to my eyes when i hear it keep on smiling

  2. Hey Beccy, friday night in mackay was the first time i have been to one of your shows. you took my breath away, you are the most energetic and confident woman i have eva seen. THANKS FOR A AWESOME SHOW, ill be coming to your next one.

  3. I wanted to follow up and let you know how , a great deal I loved discovering your web blog today. I would consider it an honor to do things at my office and be able to make use of the tips shared on your web site and also take part in visitors’ remarks like this. Should a position connected with guest writer become offered at your end, make sure you let me know.

  4. To love yourself is the greatest love. Let love win . I love you Beccy Cole.
    Thank you for your truth.Thank you for saying who you are.

  5. Congratulations on Australia Story. I have followed your career for many years, had the priviledge of seeing you at Wonthaggi many times and Tamworth each year . Your stength in sharing your personal life with the help of such close friends was evident. I am sure that your fans will appreciate you even more. You must also be so proud of your son who also was wise beyond his years. Well done. Look forward to your continued successes

  6. Beccy you’re a legend, so brave for coming out on Australian Story, I once saw you supporting Sara Storer at the Kempsey RSL and thought gosh what a shame that girl is straight, big voice, magnificent. I’ve been gay most of my life, now retired and married to my work (wildlife photographer), reflecting on many right and wrong relationships, but didn’t miss out being honest to myself, it’s a huge step and scary but the only one to take. You’re young and successful, very talented and beautiful and deserve the same. Now you have had the courage to open the door someone good enough will walk through it.

  7. Hi Beccy
    I just watched your Australian Story and I have to applaud you and your courage. I also want to give you confidence that you WILL find your soul mate in the lesbian world, 21 years ago I did……. also after some rather hit and miss experiences!!

    I think you will be inundated with offers, but if I can be of help in any way, let me know!!

  8. By accident I watched your story on ABC 2nite, & I have to say it was absolutely bloody fantastic your music is awesome & you are a wonderful lady good onya girl your the best my hero

  9. Thanks Beccy,

    Nothing will change for this normal bloke.

    Our family have always loved you.
    I was the last old mate that you loved on stage.
    My special red shirt that you signed means
    you are the best on stage performer working.


  10. Hi Beccy
    thanks so much for your courageous Australian Story tonight, I remember meeting you in 2001 in Burnie Tas when I was taking photographs for a local CD store. I went to your concert that night on my own and without you knowing it your true honest & fun loving songs helped me more than you will ever know. Although I have been gay all my life, I was struggling with who I was and although I had all the friends in the world, I was scared of being alone. You signed your poster for me with the words LOTS OF WISHES & LUCK TO YOU, well Beccy I now return those sentiments. In 2004 (only months before my 40th birthday)I finally found my soul/life partner and have we have been together ever since.

    Now you have taken the biggest leap of faith in your life, the rest will seem so peaceful & content. You can finally be true to yourself and be who you are, I’m so proud of you and wish you all the love & happiness you deserve.

    ps gotta be honest girl, my “gaydar” knew all along, just waited for you to catch up lol

  11. Hi Beccy, Just watched you on Australian Story (iView). I felt so proud of you but even more so of your most beautiful son. What a gorgeous son you and your ex-husband have raised. His support of you was absolutely fantastic – listening to such a young boy speak so honestly of his love for you was beautiful. You must be so proud. I hope with all my heart that you do find love – someone to spend your life with. You certainly deserve it. Go girl!

  12. A very brave statement. Love you dearly. Can’t wait for the cruise in November

  13. Fantastic to see you on Australian story coming out in such a public way, bloody rippa. You should be so proud of yourself! I too know its not easy! But you’ve just set yourself free and all good things will come your way!! Some chick out there is going to be very lucky to have you your family and friends in there life!! Good luck and have fun!

  14. You are truly inspirational. Your music has ALWAYS made me laugh,cry and your broken wings song got me through a very bad time in my life. It got me off my butt and made me realise I am someone special. (I sang that song a thousand times and I was sure i sounded better than you only much much louder!!) I love you and my kids love. You should be very proud of your hard work and achievements. I have only one request. Please please come back to Humpty Doo.

  15. We are not defined by our sexuality . It is only a part of who we are

    Congratulations Bec! How can we promote truth and decency yet hide ourseves. You will be a role model to more people than you realise. Big respect.

  16. Congratulations to you and the ABC for covering a non issue that often can be an issue to wider ignorant members of our society. It is great to see your strength and courage and in time this will empower others to come out too. Well done!! What wonderful caring and supporting friends you have. Both Gina and Kasey spoke so highly of you as a talented woman, mother and singer. Hopefully people don’t think that they are on the island too… LOL

  17. You’re the only other person I know of who watched Playing the Field! I loved that show! If you want to borrow my L Word dvd’s, call me! lol!!
    Cheers to you, your bravery, your music and those born in 72!

  18. Hi Beccy, Like many others I watched Australian Story. Good on you girl, and be very proud of the way you have brought up your son. I was pretty lucky to find my girl 13 years ago at the ripe old age of 57, so don’t worry,there’s someone around the corner for you. Keep on making music with your friends, and what friends they are too!! [Kasey and Gina] Luv them too.

  19. You’re an inspiring lady Beccy Cole. One of the funniest people, fantastic voice and music, and and you obviously have wonderful family & friends. Anyone who stops listening to your music because of your lifestyle doesn’t deserve you or your music; like the fellow who took down your poster because you went to Afganistan to entertain the troops. Looking forward to you perform again in SA. Kenny Roger’s couldn’t have found a more talented person to rev up the audience. You go girl :)

  20. Hi Beccy

    I’d just got my first break into commercial radio: breakfast announcer at a country music station, which meant moving from the city, 500 km’s out west. But what worried me more is I was 25, had just come to the realisation that I liked girls in the way I was supposed to like boys, and I was about to move into a traditionally conservative area. To add to it, I knew very little about country music. But you know what the best thing was? as I drove closer to my new town, the very first song I heard was your song “This Heart” Songs means different things to people at different times, and for me listening to the lyrics made me smile and say I’m going to be just fine because my heart is happy because I’m letting it figure out who I am. Beccy I know what it feels like to hide, as it just gets harder when you realise your sexuality makes up such a big part of who you are.

    I’m now 37 and even though I’m back in the city, the country people will always have a place in my heart because regardless of the traditionally conservative reputation, I believe they are some of the most genuine people I’ve ever met.
    Beccy you’ve probably just helped a lot of young country people feel a whole lot better about themselves, thank you : )


  21. Hi Bec,
    What a great Australian Story you have shared with the world.
    Congratulations Beccy on your success as an artist and as a wonderful human being.
    Think of all that new material you have to write about.
    I wish you every happiness Bec and thank you for your awarness that all of us have secrets and sometimes its ok to share them.
    Much Love and Respect xo

  22. Beccy, so proud of you for coming out, love your music and your humour and wit makes me feel so good about being gay when people like yourself get out of that closet luv you.

  23. Hi Bec
    I First met you, through a friend in Marden ,Adelaide You blew me away then and still do. Heard about the program on Australian Story, and just watched it on computer.
    What an Inspiring woman you are! and always have been.
    Don’t worry about what people think.
    I’m a Drummer, and people still like me, so people will still love you!
    Brilliant music ,as always.


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