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Please release me….!

Mar 19, 2015 01:24 pm
Poster Girl

Greetings from onboard a plane, the destination of which I have forgotten.
I have always been a busy bee, I cram much into my days, weeks and months, but this past year…?? My goodness, it has been crazy!
I have just spent my 8th night in my own bed for 2015, and the first time I’ve had two nights in a row! Bliss. Not that I’m complaining mind, how blessed I am to be travelling the country and beyond, doing exactly what I love!
I’m currently in the midst of a tour with the wonderful Melinda Schneider, we are touring to support and celebrate the release of ‘Great Women Of Country,’ a tribute to the women who have had a major influence to us and many others, singers and music fans alike, through the years. It has been terrific getting to sing these old songs again. The idea was Melinda’s, my phone rang about a year ago and there was Ms. Schneider with a light bulb above her head, insisting that I was her first choice for this wonderful covers concept. 8 months later, the album was released and we began a series of exclusive shows with the WHOLE studio band. 6 fabulous musicians (in suits) make up the incredible line up and I have to say, as a singer, it is an honour to be sharing the stage with Doug Gallacher (drums), Jeff McCormack (bass), Stuart French (guitar), Michel Rose (pedal steel), James Gillard (guitar, vocals) and Clare O’Meara (keys). The best of the best right there.

Between the recording of this album in 2014, I was tapping away on the laptop, sometimes through pretty crazy emotions, and finishing my autobiography, ‘Poster Girl.’ What a ride it’s been putting that baby together! I guess I always knew that it wouldn’t always be easy, especially when one is face to face, once again with the demons of the past. However, there were as many wonderful memories stirred during the writing of the book and I am most grateful for the happy highlights that I was able to recall.
I’m a pretty honest kind of person and I didn’t fancy using much of a filter so there are things in the book that may surprise some. I can’t say I’m not nervous having so much of my life exposed for all to see but I’m pretty proud of being able to face some of the craziness of my past. I honestly feel refreshed and renewed, kinda like I’ve slayed a dragon or two in the writing of ‘Poster Girl.’
As we approach the release date of the book, my breathing is getting slightly heavier, but I’ll be just fine! We took an advance box to the Hunter Valley’s ‘Campfire’ festival last week and sold out straight away! I’ve been thinking about the 100 or so people that have already had a chance to read my story – I hope they’re OK!
Upon completing the book (submitting to the publisher and screaming ‘THANK F*%#K for that!”), I was really so very keen to write the songs that would accompany the book perfectly. At the end of last year, some expressed that it was such a pity that I didn’t have time to write, record and release an album in just a few short months. The best way to get me to do something is to tell me I can’t. (Like the time my brother told me I can’t quit smoking and I haven’t had one since…)
So on November 11, I wrote the first song for the album, ‘Broken Soldiers’ and followed with 11 more songs over a couple of weeks after. I took myself to an awesome old retro shack at the beach at Aldinga, South Australia and locked myself away with Stevie (the Wonder dog) organic local produce, SA wine and a head full of inspiration after the unlocking of memories during book writing.
I LOVE these songs! They’re all very ‘ME!’ Ten of them are 100% mine and two; ‘Songs Remember Me’ and ‘Off My Chest’ were co-written with my talented partner (and the most supportive person in the world), Libby O’Donovan.
The first single ‘Broken Soldiers,’ has been released and the finishing touches are being added to the film clip, due in the next week or two.
I was keen on releasing ‘Broken Soldiers’ first as we are approaching ANZAC day and I wish to shine a light on the plight of many return soldiers who suffer from non-physical injuries. PTSD is a very real and sad affliction that faces some of the men and women who come home after serving our country and it’s a matter very close to my heart. For almost ten years now, I’ve been dedicating my song ‘Poster Girl’ to those who have served our country, past and present, and to their families; the ones who wait at home holding their breath until their loved one returns. ‘Broken Soldiers’ tells the story of a man who returned home unable to fit back into his life, losing his wife and children, his job and his home. The story is told from his mother’s point of view and sadly, his is a very common story in our country. The song was inspired by, although not the story of, Captain Paul Mackay. After returning from Afghanistan, Paul took his own life when the PTSD was more than he was able to cope with. I attended Paul’s memorial in Adelaide where I was asked to sing ‘Poster Girl’ in his honour. When Paul’s mother, Angela spoke, my heart broke for her. As a mother, I listened to this amazing woman speak to lovingly of her son, she honoured him as she shared his story, her strength, pride and bravery shone throughout her speech. I knew I would write a song. A week or so later, I was observing a minute silence at 11am on November 11, dedicating it to Paul and all our fallen women and men, I wrote ‘Broken Soldiers’ that afternoon.

My new album, ‘Sweet Rebecca’ will be released on April 10, 2015 and I just can’t wait to have these songs out and about. This is album number 10 for me and I’m pretty sure it’s my best yet – although we all think that about our new ones, don’t we? I’ll be hitting the road with the band, the books and the album and I’ll spend most of this year travelling the country – much like I have for the last 22 years! The show is fun, full of laughs, old songs and the new stuff, I am aiming to please.

Thanks for reading my blog – I don’t seem to be able to nail myself down more than a few times a year to do this but I’ll certainly try to pop another one up ASAP.
To those of you who have bought my music, my book or tickets to my shows, I say thank you. Here’s to a top year for you x x x Sweet Rebecca


  1. Hey Beccy,

    Bought the book on Saturday afternoon, was finished on Monday.

    Loved it – wont give anything away but you had me grinning, laughing, cheering, cranky at you and blubbering like a baby (on the train mind you!!).

    Kudos on being brave enough to share your full story. I still love you maybe even a little more :-)

    Thank you!


  2. Hello Beccy just wanted to wish you the very best for whatever is to come your way. I am waiting for Sweet Rebecca to come out lots of love stay safe Nancyex

  3. i have all of your music and The Songbirds DVD which I love. Always attend your concerts when in Broken Hill. I have pre ordered your book on Amazon and cot wat to read all about your life. Go girl.

  4. Thanks, Beccy! I love your music and Melinda is awesome. Will have seen The great women twice, after night , in Nowra. AWSOME.

  5. Can’t wait to read your book, loved your show with Melinda and looking forward to your new show. Thank you for your music.

  6. Wow!! What a whirlwind year so far. Can’t wait to hear you read Poster Girl and I’m looking forward to getting your new album as well. Love your work. Keep smiling Beccy. xx

  7. hi Beccy
    Just want to say how awesome you are have loved your music since forever. I love how you support the troops my Dad was a vietnam vet who passed away when I was 17. I can’t wait to get your autobiography when it becomes available. Here’s to the sisterhood of the children of the rainbow

  8. I’ve been to many of your concerts, sang along in the front row, have taken way too many photos & posed for selfies with you, asked you to sign my hat & posters, watched your Australian story episode numerous times, listened to you while I work & now I can’t wait to read ‘Poster Girl’. Thank you for sharing you & for your raw honesty. You my friend change lives – Mine included. x

  9. It was great reading your blog I am so looking forward to hearing the new Album especially the song Broken Soldiers, I still tear up when I hear Poster Girl just love that song and have ordered my copy of both the Album and book. Will see you and Melinda when you are in Ballarat next month and hopefully have both of them in my possession by May to get them autographed when I catch you again in Geelong …… not long now…..

  10. hi Beccy,
    Congrats on your book and tour. Can’t wait to read it. Seems like your move to Adelaide has been good for you. Saw a photo of your lovely son the other day. So grown up now. Hope all is good for him too. Hope you come and play over our way soon. Kind regards Vicki Woodham

  11. Once again I find you inspirational! I am waiting with baited breath for your book as I pre- ordered it! We are ‘hanging out’ for your concert at Hallam Hotel in May . I am snrry we missed your show with Melinda but heard nothing but wonderful reports! Best wishes for the tour. Mardi

  12. Well Ms Beccy what can I say.

    I have listened to your music for some time but only enjoyed your live performance last week in the Shoalhaven. You are even more talented and fabulous than I knew.

    You are simply fantastic! What humour and that smile!
    Thank you for being you. I look forward to following you even more closely.

    Warm Regards

  13. Keep up the fantastic work and just know that. You received your inspiration from Dolly…. and I get mine from Beccy… I now cover your songs in my very first country band “Whiskey Business” and although it’s too late for me to “make it.” At the age of 45, I have now started to write songs, play guitar and sing Country Music…..lol…I’ve dreamt of going back to my hometown and performing to a hometown crowd singing your song “Girls Out Here” and I’m about to do it on April 18th……… so farewell to the rocky leather and studs and hello Glamour Country Girl… a sincere thankyou Sweet Beccy….. feel free to give me tips to lose weight though….you did it and kept it off biatch!!!….. cheers…Neet xx

  14. Beccy I just Love the song Broken Soldier. It brought tears to my eyes when I first heard it. I thank you for all your doing for Australia’s Brave Women & Men who give everything for there Country, some even there Life. I can’t believe they serve there Country in this way & are forgotten by our Government. Of which sent them off to war. Yet do not give them or there families the support & recognition they all rightfully Deserve. I thank you for bringing this to our Country’s Attention.

    Dolly Parton is one of my Faves, after hearing your version of 9 to 5. I have to say I love Yours & Melindas version better, Oh my God watching that film clip is Absolute Gold. I laugh so much when I watch it. Just Awesome. Can’t wait for you to come back to Adelaide to do another show. The last one was just amazing. Any chance of you & Melinda releasing a DVD of the Album & Releasing another CD The Great Women of Country Volume 2? With another Tour. Can’t wait to get a copy of your book & New Album. Wishing you every success. Love & Light Rae Whitney

  15. You are an amazing soul Beccy Cole. I love your honesty, tenacity and passion for your craft. Libby and you are a perfect match. Great energy, wonderful expression and a bloody good laugh! Love from Nelson Bay x

  16. hi Beccy Cole you are the best singer ever and you are the best country music star ever from your fan Rhiannon x

  17. Hi Beccy I have been a big fan for about 15 years now… I’m so very happy for you and Libby its wonderful that you can live the life you wanted and deserve and still be very much loved by so many… absolutely loved the book and laughs always Nicole

  18. Greetings Bec,
    I was listening to the daily Planet with Lucky Oceans last night. He was playing some songs of yours off the newie, and some of Shane Nicholson’s too. So, this morning, just prior to driving back to Sydney from Canberra, I purchased both cds in Queanbeyan, and listened to Sweet Rebecca twice over on the drive home. You must be so proud of this, ALL the tracks are so beautifully produced and it seems your songwriting skills are at their nadir. Sometime soon, when I get back to my show on community radio, I’d love to have a chat about the songwriting ….
    All the best for your tour(s) and thank you for the music.

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