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Our Poster Girl has done it again

Mar 21, 2015 04:07 pm
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Once again, Beccy Cole has shown her devotion and loyalty to our retuned servicemen and women with her brand new song ‘Broken Soldiers.’
Poster Girl
‘BROKEN SOLDIERS’ is the poignant lead single from Beccy Cole’s forthcoming album ‘Sweet Rebecca’ – Released 10th April through ABC Music /Universal.

“Broken Soldiers was inspired after I attended a memorial for a returned soldier who had taken his own life due to PTSD. What struck a chord with me was the strength with which his mother spoke of her son, her broken soldier.”, said Beccy. “She spoke of the importance of recognising and supporting returned servicemen and women and highlighted that some injuries can’t be seen, but still need to be addressed and treated. ‘Broken Soldiers’ shines a light on the importance of providing ongoing care for returned women and men”.

‘Sweet Rebecca’ is Beccy Cole’s most daring and genuine album yet; It is an engaging mix of heart-on-sleeve acoustic ballads, coupled with a dash of her trademark humour.
Sweet Rebecca
Produced by acclaimed producer/musician Shane Nicholson and recorded at Soundhole Studios on the NSW Central Coast, ‘Sweet Rebecca’ is Beccy’s tenth studio album, and the first on which Beccy has written on every one of the album tracks. Libby O’Donovan, Sara Storer and Gina Jeffreys team up with Beccy on two of the album tracks including ‘Precious Times’ – featuring Sara Storer and Gina Jeffreys on vocals.

A 9 x Golden Guitar winner, Beccy Cole has been at the forefront of the Australian country music landscape for the past twenty years. She has achieved three Gold records, 7 Songwriting Awards, and claimed two Entertainer of the Year awards.

Beccy Cole’s book and personal memoir ‘Poster Girl’ is the inspirational story of a strong woman who epitomises the authentic spirit of country music, and of Australia. It is released this April through Hachette Publishing.


  1. We have this cd,it is absolutely wonderful,unfortunately I don’t think I can get to a concert but I would love if you could film one & put out a dvd,it’s certainly great material for one.good luck with the tour.

  2. Beccy Cole would be one of the honest people we hear about her music from the heart I’m just waiting on my book now to have some real reading thank you Beccy and also your loving family love your music .

  3. Forgot to wind the clock back so I put CMC just in time to hear Broken Soldiers had to rewind it a few times. WOW!!!!!!! Realy poignant particularly with ANZAC Day on the 25th.
    Really enjoyed it

  4. Broken Soldiers is a wonderful song, and being Anzac Day an incredible tribute to our service men and women and their families and a reminder that it doesn’t end when they come home for many of our heroes. Beccy can be very proud of this song and the Sweet Rebecca album. What a year! The book Poster Girl is an incredible read – it makes those who have followed Beccy’s career from the beginning, even more proud of her and her achievements. Beccy Cole is an incredible entertainer but more than that, an incredible person. Looking forward so much to the Hallam Hotel gig.