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Beccy and Libby 2013

Country music singer Beccy Cole has revealed she proposed to her partner earlier this year.

Beccy and her partner, cabaret singer Libby O’Donovan, will marry as soon as the law is changed to allow same-sex marriage, and the couple told ABC’s Australian Story how Beccy popped the question at O’Donovan’s 40th birthday party.

“There obviously have been some baby steps in this country towards equality. If they let us, do you want to?” Beccy proposed in January.

A gob-smacked O’Donovan broke down in tears before replying, “Yes.”

In the Australian Story episode to air next week titled, “When Beccy Met Libby,” the singer describes how she met Libby at a gay pride event in Adelaide, just months after she came out as gay on Australian Story in 2012.

“I don’t know whether you call it ‘love at first sight’ or what it is, but I knew I was safe, I knew I was home, I knew this was it and I haven’t doubted it for a second ever since,” Beccy said.

With their two children from earlier relationships, the couple set up a blended home in Adelaide which Beccy describes as “sort of like a big gay Brady Bunch.”

The couple is following the marriage equality plebiscite debate and told the ABC they’ll be adding their voices to the campaign for marriage equality.

“I’ve never wanted to be political or a flag-waver, but when it’s something that you really believe in, and something that affects you directly and you can see it affecting people within your community, then I think there is a time to stand up and say, ‘come on, let’s get this right,” Beccy said.

Once marriage equality is legalised, the couple hope their marriage ceremony can be performed by Libby O’Donovan’s parents, both of whom are Anglican Ministers.

“Libby has been brought up as a Christian. I’m pleased that she wants God to be involved in her marriage. I would love to be able to do that,” her father Rev. Bart O’Donovan told the ABC.

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