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New Album Launch Date Announced!

Jun 14, 2018 12:48 pm

Circle August 24 on your 2018 calendar, this will be the date you can get your hands on the brand new Beccy Cole album, ‘LIONESS!’

BC LIONESS COVERBeccy Cole’s latest album, ‘Lioness’ is nothing short of stunning. A collection of self-penned, personal and poignant songs perfectly displaying Beccy’s strength of character, huge heart and razor sharp wit. In an Australian first, Beccy procured the talents of some of Australia’s finest female musicians to make the only ever 100% female produced album. Produced by Julz Parker, known best for her amazing guitar work in Australian award winning band, Hussy Hicks, this is a Beccy Cole album with a new sound, a new band and a new outlook on life beyond forty. Beccy Cole, joined by ‘The Sisters Of Twang’ will not disappoint with this fabulous new collection of songs on ‘LIONESS.’

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